Seasonal music


Sometime music is written to describe different times of the day or year.Vivaldi wrote a set of pieces called The Four Seasons.It describes the way the seasons change throughout the year.

He wrote lots of comments above the music to say what was happening,such as "the dog barks"
and "shivering with cold"

A scene from The Four Seasons

Haydn also gave descriptive titles to a lot of his music .He wrote three pieces to describe different parts of the day.These are called le matin ("Morning"),le midi ("Noon") and le soir ("Evening").There are no words written above the music,but you can hear the mood change in each piece.Le matin has a slow in troduction,as if the sun is rising.Then the music livens up as the day begins.

Imformation :Book name,Learn to Play more easy piano classics by caroline phipps
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