Music about feelings

Many composers have written music that describes their feelings and emotions.The French composer Berlioz fell in love with the actress ,Harriet Smithson sfter seeing her in a play.He was unable to arrange to meet her,so to attract her attention he wrote the Symphonie fantastique ("Fantastic symphony") about his feelings for her.

The story behind the piece is a mixture of facts,emotions,dreams and nightmares.At the first performmance,the audience was given a printed copy of the story to read.The music expresses his often very dramatic.

Though Harriet Smithson was not at the concert ,she and Berlioz later met,and were eventually married.

Chopin playing Nocturnes

Chiopin composed many pieces called Nocturnes.They were written speacially to create a mood or describe a specific play or event.

Chopin used to play them for his friends in the evenings as a form of relaxation.

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