Religious music (Early)


St. Mark's Cathedral,Venice

People have always used music for prayers to their dods and goddesses,in different regions all over the world.The earliest surviving written music was composed for use in churches.The pieces inthis section of the book were written for worship in different types of Christian churches.

Early church music

The first type of church music is know as plainsong or plainchant. It was first written down in the 6th century AD,but may have been used for many yearrs before that.Each prayer had its own chant,and there were different chants for various times of the year.The tunes were very slow and only used a few notes.

13th century music (lift) , 16th century music ( right)

Beside plainsong,the only other popular music was folk music.Folk songs were lively and tuneful,and so were enjoyable to sing.In the century,some composers began to think that they could make their church music more interesting if they mixed chants with folk tunes.Gradually church music more varied.

Early folk musicians

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