Music Auditorium (MACM Hall)


MACM (Music Auditorium, College of Music, Mahidol University.) is located in Building B, which is within the complex of the Bhumibol Sankeet Building and is consists of 3 main service areas:

* The Music Auditorium a 353 – seat concert hall with auxiliary areas equipped with supporting facilities. The hall is also used for recitals, master classes, meetings, and other events.
* Multipurpose Pavilion is a moated glass house. It is used as a special greeting hall for the college’s distinguished guests and also used for meetings, banquets, and temporary exhibitions.
* Gallery is a 238 sq. m. space, use for hosting modern and contemporary works of art, that express the close aesthetic connection between the world of sounds and the world of sight for the public audiences viewing pleasure.

Performance in the MACM Hall

The main purpose of the Hall is for musical performances, the interior is treated as an open stage, in which the musicians and the audience share the same space producing effective acoustic dimension. Due to the different reverberation times of each function, the hall is equipped with adjustable acoustics, a reverberation chamber & acoustic curtains to aid support and control the quality of each and every function.

"The music at Salaya is so beautiful, even angels come to listen"
Dr. Sugree Charoensook, Director of the College of Music

MACM Hall is the site to more than 100 concerts by students, professionals, and members of the faculty, annually. It is also home to the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra with Gudni A. Emilsson as its Chief Conductor. TPO’s guest performers includes Ludvian cellist Mischa Maisky, Italian soprano; Lucia Aliberti, the Hungarian Katona Guitar Duo, the German Tubingen Chamber Orchestra, the China National Symphony Orchestra, the National Taiwan Normal University from Taiwan, the Boston Brass and the Horseshoe Road from U.S.A., to name a few.

For more information about MACM Hall please visit MACM Website