The 19th century(Music for Dancing)

The 19th century dancers waltzing

The most popular dance in the 19th century was the waltz.It is in three-four time,and is quite fast,Some people belived the waltz was unhealthy because the dancing couples whirled around the room so quickly.

Johann Strauss ll

One of the most famous composers of waltzes was Johann Strauss ll,the son of another composer called Johann Strauss.

Another very popular dance in the 19th century was the polonaise.This originally came from poland in the 16th century.The polonaise was slow and dignified,and was often danced at weddings and other special occasions.

In the 19th century,many composers began to feel very proud the costoms and traditions of thier countries.They began writing music that was based on folk tunes and dances.This is Known as nationalism.Famous nationalist pieces are Grieg's Norwegian dances and Dvorak's Slavonic dances.

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